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Shopping Is About More Than Buying

Purchasing a Cocoon Style Swaddle for Your Newborn

by Savannah Williamson

A cocoon-style swaddle is a garment that will keep your baby snug and dry throughout the first few months of their life. Swaddling blankets that contain a double zipper are easy to put on a newborn and will allow access to your child during diaper changes.

Fabric and Structure

Muslin is a plain weave cotton textile that tends to hold its shape and get softer with extended use. The woven strands are tightly bound together but will allow enough breathability to moderate a newborn's skin temperature. This type of fabric tends to draw moisture away from the body and will provide comfort when worn indoors or outdoors.

The outer shell of a swaddle may be constructed of muslin or a thicker fabric, such as fleece. The structure of a cocoon-style swaddle will include a flared bottom, which will support the movement of the legs. The midsection of a swaddle will be tapered, which will aid in keeping a baby's arms close to their body.

The top of the cocoon structure will be slightly wider than the middle part. This will allow for shoulder movements and adjustments in a baby's size, as they grow larger throughout the first few months of their life.


Your hospital stay may require one or more overnight stays. During the stay, you may be supplied with basic swaddling blankets. These blankets will need to be wrapped and folded, to provide support around your newborn's body.

If you don't want to be bothered with the task of wrapping and unwrapping your child, you may discover that a cocoon-style swaddle is more convenient to use. A swaddling blanket that contains a cute print can be hand-matched to a basic cotton cap style.

Shop for a swaddle that contains a double zipper feature. This feature will allow you to unzip the top or the bottom. The top can be unzipped when you would like to remove your baby from the confines of the swaddle and the bottom of the swaddle can be unzipped when you are preparing to change your newborn's diaper. 

Matching Components and Care Products

Elastic connectors can be used to secure a hat or any other accessories that your baby may need while they are confined within their swaddling blanket. Purchase connectors that are washable and that contain a similar color or pattern motif to the swaddle that your baby will be secured in. Purchase a nylon mesh bag that can be used to hold the swaddling blanket and fabric accessories while they are being laundered.

To learn more, contact companies that sell swaddling blankets.