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Shopping Is About More Than Buying

Things to Consider When Buying Diamonds

by Savannah Williamson

Diamonds are extremely valuable if they are of high quality and meet very specific standards. Nearly every diamond jeweler can walk you through the process of buying the best diamond, but if you are going to the store, being armed with some knowledge can mean getting a better diamond and being confident about your purchase. 

Diamond Standards

The first thing you need to understand is the four c's of diamond rating. They are carat weight, cut, color, and clarity, and each one plays a critical role in how a diamond is valued. The best diamonds in the world do not always rate high in all the categories, but their combination may create a perfect mix of properties to make the diamond extremely rare or sought after. 

Carat Weight - the carat weight is often one of the first things people look at. But just because the diamond is large does not mean it is highly valuable. A large diamond with flaws in the stone or is very milky looking may have a lower value than a smaller stone, so inspect all the aspects of the stone, not just the size. 

Cut - The cut of a diamond is crucial because it can change the entire look of the stone. A diamond is shiny because it reflects light off the faces and cuts on the stone, and a good diamond cutter can look at raw diamonds and determine the best way to cut them. A poor cut, on the other hand, can ruin the stone and drop the value significantly.

Color - The color of the diamond can mean a lot of things. Some diamonds are incredibly white, and others have yellows, blues, or reds in the stone that can change the appearance significantly after it is cut. While some colors are more sought after than others, if you like a specific color you see, you should really consider buying it. You may never find another one that looks the same again.

Clarity - Diamonds can look very clear and transparent, or they can have a more opaque look to them. Clarity is an essential property of the stone, and when combined with perfect cuts, it is what makes the diamonds shine and glisten. 

With this information, you can go to a diamond seller anywhere and feel confident about which stones you are considering. The dealer is a good resource, but remember that they are there to sell the diamonds, and understanding the properties of these precious stones can help you make the best choice for your needs. 

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