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Shopping Is About More Than Buying

The Advantages Of Choosing A Laser Printer And Premium Toner

by Savannah Williamson

Laser printers became the standard for high-quality documents after manufacturers improved the speed of these machines. After the devices could print faster than daisy-wheel products, more organizations and individuals began choosing laser models. Laser printers also have the important advantage of being very quiet as compared with daisy-wheel versions, which sound like typewriters.

Colour and Quality

Today's laser versions are available in models that print in colour as well as black. A mix of black and other colours on various types of paperwork typically conveys a more professional impression compared with black only. That's not necessarily true with official documents like legal notices, which are meant to be very serious. In other cases, different hues catch and hold a reader's attention more effectively.

Although inkjet printers also produce colour documents, using a laser machine and a high-quality product like Xerox premium toner assures the user that the text and imagery will all be crisp and clear.


A Xerox premium toner cartridge lasts substantially longer than inkjet cartridges. Ink cartridges are used up significantly faster when printing the same number of pages. Although the ink costs less to purchase, this tends to be a hassle. People have to keep some in stock or risk having to run to a store if they must print something that same day. A toner cartridge used by an individual to print a few pages every week could last for several years. 

Another advantage of toner is its longevity even when the printer isn't used frequently. Ink cartridges dry out over time when not used regularly. Now money has been wasted on the unused portion of ink. Toner is already dry because it consists of powder. The print job looks excellent even if the machine has not been used for months.

Concluding Thoughts

Inkjet printers produce documents with reasonably good quality. That makes these devices suitable for organizations and individuals who don't want to spend extra money on a laser printer or toner. However, the quality is neither as high nor as consistent as that of a laser printer using premium toner. 

Today, premium toner is available from a variety of suppliers who sell to individuals, businesses and other organizations. For several years, it seemed as though the cheaper inkjet machines would drive laser printers out of the market. Yet many people continued to insist on the laser versions for the reliable quality of the printing. Look for cartridges like Xerox premium toner cartridges for your machine.