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Shopping Is About More Than Buying

Benefits Of A Multi-Head Floor Light

by Savannah Williamson

When you think of a floor light, you might initially think of a fixture that contains just one head. While your local lighting store carries many products with this design, it also has a large selection of multi-head floor lights. The number of heads on these lights can vary, but you'll often find fixtures with three, four, and even five individual lights. If you're in the market for a floor light, you may wish to consider if a multi-head light is the right product for you. Here are some benefits of this type of light.

More Light

Perhaps more than any other benefit, the fact that a multi-head light will offer a significant amount of light makes it a popular choice for people. By having several bulbs instead of just one, you can count on this type of light dramatically brightening any space in your home. Multi-head floor lights are especially valuable in areas that lack light, either because there aren't any windows in the vicinity or because the existing light fixtures are inadequate. For example, you may find that a multi-head light can significantly increase a dark basement and make it feel more inviting.

Different Directions

When you have a multi-head light, you're often able to adjust each of the heads so that they aim their light in different directions. This is more valuable than a single-head light that simply aims its light up or down. For example, with a multi-head light, you can move each of the heads so that they illuminate different areas. You might want some of the heads to point downward if you plan to read the newspaper beside this light, while others can shine on a piece of wall decor to bring attention to it.

Large Look

In general, multi-head floor lights have a larger size than their single-head counterparts. While the latter style can be useful in a compact space, a lot of people appreciate the large look that multi-head lights provide. For example, if you're positioning this light fixture in front of a large wall, the multitude of heads on the light will create visual bulk that can help to break up the empty space. This isn't generally possible with just a single-head light. When you look at open spaces around your home that could benefit from a source of light, you may find that a multi-head design will be your best option. Browse these types of lights at a local home interior lighting retailer.